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My Story

It all started when I moved to Ohio in 2006. I was 12 when I started working with my family at their restaurant as a dishwasher, and I quickly fell in love with the hustle of the restaurant industry. Developing my skills and understanding of the industry, I went from dishwasher to preparing food to be cooked, then to cooking it myself. I moved out of the kitchen and began to bus tables and slowly made my way to host and finally a server, where I really fell in love with all things food-service. Getting to connect with the customers and seeing the satisfaction and joy people felt when their meals arrived at their table is when it clicked: 'This is what I'm meant to do.' Knowing the costs associated with starting your own restaurant can be steep, I thought to myself, 'How can I reasonably accomplish my goals?' and it hit me - a food truck! The rest is history and here we are today: Chido's Tacos - making people smile one freshly-made taco at a time.

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